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Computer Running Slow

A slow computer is by far the biggest problem that most computer users face today. But, what does it mean when a computer runs slow? Why does this happen? What can you do about it and how can you prevent your computer from slowing down?

What it Means and Why it Happens
Computers can slow down because of many reasons. However, most of those come down to how you are using them. As you install extensions, download programs, surf the web, fill music and movies on the hard drive, and create files, you will inevitably build up virtual bugs that will impact the performance of the computer. Over time, your computer gets overstuffed with the bugs that slow system resources, making it difficult to perform various tasks. This poor performance is what is it means by a computer running slow.

As mentioned, hard drive and software corruption are two key reasons why your PC may slow down over time. Corruption may be as a result of a host of things, but it is mostly a result of bugs within the OS, static electricity (from fabrics), corrupted RAM data, failing hardware, power surges, and for those using Windows computers, standard OS decomposition with time.

Two other major causes are not having sufficient RAM to run programs and little space on the hard disk. Not having sufficient RAM can cause the hard drive to attempt to make up for lack of memory. As such, the PC will relentlessly seek more RAM deducting resources meant for other tasks.


What You Can Do to Prevent it From Happening

There are a couple of things you can do to keep your computer in its most efficient state. They include looking for programs that will help you identify what’s taking plenty of space on your hard drive. Such programs can also help you to get rid of malware and virus that may be slowing down your computer. Also, disable or do away with any extensions that may be affecting the performance of your browser. Finally, see to it that the room where you are using your computer is spotless and well aerated. Doing so will go a long way in ensuring maximum performance of all your computer devices without experiencing any setbacks.

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