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Some computers are more efficient than others. For example, although laptop computers provide the convenience of mobility, their desktop counterparts provide performance and speed at a low price. Laptops will almost always be a bit slower than desktop units having the same storage space, processor, and RAM. More powerful and faster laptops are now available. However, they are more expensive compared with desktops.

More Tips to Prevent Computers from Slowing Down
If you have reached the point where your desktop/laptop computer is running very slowly, you may have to reinstall your OS. The first step is backing up all your data. After that, use the recovery disk that came with the computer to install your operating system without losing your data.

If that does not solve the problem, you’ll have to format your hard-drive and re-install the operating system. This will restore the computer to its factory settings. Re-install your virus program and download updates first. After that, update your OS.

If the speed problem doesn’t come to an end even after these actions, you might be having a hardware issue. For the best results, visitor a computer repair shop to have your problem solved an expert. If the computer is more than six years old, replacing it would be the best thing to do than repairing it.

Where You Can Go to Learn More 
There are thousands of online computer e-books that you can download to help you learn more about computers and how to speed them up. If that isn’t enough, you can also consult computer experts. By acquiring more knowledge about computers and related devices, you can easily and confidently deal with any arising issues with your computers.

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