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Now that you already know what could be causing your computer to slow down, let’s look at how you can work to speed it up.

Defrag Your Hard Disk
Defragging your hard drive means consolidating every space that is created within the structure of the file system as you remove and add files. These empty spaces usually slow down the performance of the hard drive, which consequently causes folders, programs, and files to open sluggishly. There are so many free defragging programs you can install to do this. But you can still use the inbuilt Windows or Mac tool to speed up your computer.

Remove Malware, Adware, Viruses, Spyware, etc.
Every computer is vulnerable to viruses and malware, but there is little reason for it to get infected if you use antivirus programs. Once the malware finds its way into your computer, it clamps the system memory, interfering with resources that are essential in running legitimate programs, hence slowing down overall performance. Research and download the best antivirus programs that you will use regularly to scan the computer for viruses and malware.

Clean, Upgrade or Replace Your Hardware
Although software is to blame for most computer slowdowns, it is also important to address the hardware elements. For example, if your PC does not let you open several programs at once, nor does not let you watch HD clips, you could be having an outdated/broken video card or a small amount of RAM. Or, you may just be having very filthy hardware.

It is wise to clean your hardware parts periodically. Over time, and more so because of certain environmental effects, some hardware pieces such as fans can gather clumps of hair or dirt, which tends to affect their efficiency. So, clean, upgrade, or replace the hardware of your computer to speed it up.

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